GURPS Effect: Salarians

Biological Templates for Council Races: Part II

Salarians think fast. Move fast. Speak fast. Broken sentences. Can get annoying quickly. Caution advised when dealing with. Hyperactive. Short-lived because of that.

Hyperactive Lizards

Salarians were the second race to discover the Citadel. They're described as warm-blooded amphibians with hyperactive metabolisms, because of that, their lifespan is roughly 40 years, they're also described as highly perceptive and quick-thinking, having photographic memory.
"Do you feel lucky, punk?"

Let's start describing them in GURPS terms:
  • Photographic Memory [10]
  • Amphibious [10]
  • Enhanced Time Sense [45]
  • Less Sleep 7 [14]
  • Basic Speed +1 [20]
  • Pure IQ +2 (No Per and Will) [20]
  • Short Lifespan [-10]
  • ST -2 [-20]
  • Stuttering [-10] (Meant to represent the way they talk)
  • Quirk-level Intolerance (Other races are slow, especially elcors) [-1]
Which is a (kinda hefty) 78 points racial template.
And i think that's it :)
Hit me up with suggestions or corrections in the comments, and remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!


  1. This is almost exactly what I came up with when I statted up salarians! I think I added Skinny on top. The point total is high, but I think it balances out well - salarians don't get long lives to get too high a point total!

    1. I would add Skinny as well, but B452 says that they can't be added to Racial Templates, and should instead be individual, so I didn't :)