GURPS Effect: Turians

Biological Templates for Council Races: Part III

Turians were the third and last race to join the Citadel Council before the game events. They're a tall avian-like species with characteristics that reminds us of earth-like raptors, like talons, good eyesight and high move speed. They're also dextro-aminoacid based, which means they can't eat "normal" food and must instead eat dextro-based food, their diets consist primarily on meat, but they're omnivore.

Iron Eagles

Of the 3 council races I've statted, the Turians were the easier ones, since their Wiki pages are clearly defined, and they have no "special" abilities of their own, EXCEPT for the metallic carapace that protects them from their stellar system's radiation, since their planet has a weak electromagnetic field. But thanks to the help i got from the GURPS Discord I've settled on an acceptable value.

Trust me, we're Turians, what's the worse that could happen?
And now, for the template:

  • Radiation Tolerance (PF 2) [5]
  • Regeneration (Slow) (Radiation Only, -60%) [4]
  • Increased Strength 2 [20]
  • Acute Vision 3 [6]
  • Increased Basic Move 2 [10]
  • Claws (Talons) [8]
  • Restricted Diet (Dextro-Aminoacid) (Common) [-20] (They're Very Common on Citadel, Turian and Quarian space, can be Rare otherwise).
And that's it for them, but now with a little bonus on the side, I've put everything I've worked so far (GCS template format) in a Google Drive, which I'll keep up to date every single time i release anything.


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