GURPS Effect: Asari

Biological Templates for Council Races: Part I

So, for the first part of this project, i thought about adapting the biological aspects of every race that has a relevance in the ME Universe, since I'll be making them as racial templates, I didn't worry about the social aspects of the races (for now, I'll work on social templates when i'm done).

Blue Skinned Space Babes

Ah, the Asari, who doesn’t love them? Seriously, even in-universe, everyone does. Since they’re one of my favorite races from the Mass Effect universe I thought about adapting them first, so here it goes:

The Asari are a Citadel Council race that have a really long lifespan, they’re mono-gender and have human-like features. Even though they’re considered “not men, or women” by themselves, they appear female to most other species in the galaxy (including humans) and are said to be f'ing hot attractive to almost everyone, so, I figured that Appearance (Universal) is a must. The codex also says that most Asari live up to 1000 years, so, Enhanced Lifespan is also a must. They also have a natural thing going on for Biotics, so the Biotic Aptitude advantage was added (I will explain Biotics further on another post). The last thing I worried about was the Asari melding (it took me a while to stat it out, but I finally got it).

Space Magic!
Asari [43]
  • Appearance (Beautiful), (Universal, +25%) [15]
  • Extended Lifespan 4 [8]
  • Unusual Background (Biotic Aptitude) [5]
  • Meld [15]: This actually 3 abilities linked together (-10% modifier), all of them have the following modifiers:
 (Contact Agent, -30%; Melee Attack, C, -30%; Only Usable on Willing Targets, -20%; Preparation Required (1 Minute) -20%) Individual modifiers (when applicable) will be listed in individual skills:
  • Telecommunication (Telesend), (Nuisance Effect: Must send thoughts, memories and emotions, -10%) [6]
  • Mind Reading [6]
  • Empathy [3]
Next post will be about the Ardat-Yakshi (a lens for the Asari race). And remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND

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