GURPS Effect: Ardat-Yakshi

Demons of the Night Wind

Hey everyone, today we’re going to take a look at the Ardat-Yakshi and turn them into a lens for the Asari race (discussed in this post). The Ardat-Yakshi are pureblood Asari (no alien parents) affected by a rare genetic condition that affects their nervous system. While it doesn’t directly impact them, the people they meld with have severe brain hemorrhage (represented mechanically as Heart Attack, as it’s the closest effect) and ultimately die, while the Ardat-Yakshi becomes smarter and stronger. It is viewed as an aberration in the Asari society, and they’re given the choice to either isolate themselves in a specific place (The Ardat-Yakshi Monastery) or be executed. It is done so because this condition addictive and will lead to compulsive behavior.

Hey there hottie, wanna die a horrible death have some fun?
And now, the data:
  •  Asari [43]
  • Secret (Possible Death) [-30]
  • Lecherousness (CR 12) [-15]
The Affliction will be linked with the Meld ability and therefore will have all of its multipliers, along with a few extra ones:
  • Affliction (Malediction +100%; Heart Attack, +300%; No Signature +20%) [43]
Which brings our grand total to 41 points.

And now, some GM advice for dealing with Ardat-Yakshi PC’s: They are said to get stronger and smarter with each kill, so, you should probably award them 1 extra CP if they “successfully” murder someone by melding with them, to prevent exploiting / infinite power, it should also draw attention to them, either by local or Asari authorities.

So, that’s it, have fun with your Space Succubi, and remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!

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