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Yet another GURPS Blog

After spending a lot of time (definitely more than i should) on the GURPS Discord (All links to what I mention will be at the end of the post), I've finally decided to start blogging about GURPS, since it's the first tabletop RPG I've ever played and i really love it. Inspired and encouraged by guys like Mailanka and Pseudoboo, I've decided to stop only thinking about it, and actually do it! So, there will be at least one weekly post every Wednesday, and more if i can manage to do so.

But what exactly is that blog about?

My first project will be adapting Mass Effect into a GURPS setting, but i might post some side-stuff every now and then. Mass Effect is a game created by BioWare which i REALLY love (i even have a N7 tattoo on my chest) and my goal is to research every single Codex entry in order to stat out individuals, organizations, equipment and give general advice on society and politics, the final "product" will be a ready-to-play setting that you can pick up and, assuming you have played the original games, run a game with it.


The blog is just starting out, which means i have a lot to learn about blogging in general, and fidgeting with technobabble, it'll probably take a while to do so, but I'll get used to it eventually. 

Me, right now

And remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!

Mailanka's Musings: http://mailanka.blogspot.com

Pseudoboo's Let's GURPS: http://pseudoboo.blogspot.com

Steve Jackson's GURPS: http://www.sjgames.com/gurps/

GURPS Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/rZFjKhG


  1. If you could tag your posts GURPS or gurps that would let the script pick it up properly in the future! You have been assimilated.

  2. Will do so from now on, thanks ^^