GURPS Effect: Turians

Biological Templates for Council Races: Part III

Turians were the third and last race to join the Citadel Council before the game events. They're a tall avian-like species with characteristics that reminds us of earth-like raptors, like talons, good eyesight and high move speed. They're also dextro-aminoacid based, which means they can't eat "normal" food and must instead eat dextro-based food, their diets consist primarily on meat, but they're omnivore.

Iron Eagles

Of the 3 council races I've statted, the Turians were the easier ones, since their Wiki pages are clearly defined, and they have no "special" abilities of their own, EXCEPT for the metallic carapace that protects them from their stellar system's radiation, since their planet has a weak electromagnetic field. But thanks to the help i got from the GURPS Discord I've settled on an acceptable value.

Trust me, we're Turians, what's the worse that could happen?
And now, for the template:

  • Radiation Tolerance (PF 2) [5]
  • Regeneration (Slow) (Radiation Only, -60%) [4]
  • Increased Strength 2 [20]
  • Acute Vision 3 [6]
  • Increased Basic Move 2 [10]
  • Claws (Talons) [8]
  • Restricted Diet (Dextro-Aminoacid) (Common) [-20] (They're Very Common on Citadel, Turian and Quarian space, can be Rare otherwise).
And that's it for them, but now with a little bonus on the side, I've put everything I've worked so far (GCS template format) in a Google Drive, which I'll keep up to date every single time i release anything.



GURPS Effect: Salarians

Biological Templates for Council Races: Part II

Salarians think fast. Move fast. Speak fast. Broken sentences. Can get annoying quickly. Caution advised when dealing with. Hyperactive. Short-lived because of that.

Hyperactive Lizards

Salarians were the second race to discover the Citadel. They're described as warm-blooded amphibians with hyperactive metabolisms, because of that, their lifespan is roughly 40 years, they're also described as highly perceptive and quick-thinking, having photographic memory.
"Do you feel lucky, punk?"

Let's start describing them in GURPS terms:
  • Photographic Memory [10]
  • Amphibious [10]
  • Enhanced Time Sense [45]
  • Less Sleep 7 [14]
  • Basic Speed +1 [20]
  • Pure IQ +2 (No Per and Will) [20]
  • Short Lifespan [-10]
  • ST -2 [-20]
  • Stuttering [-10] (Meant to represent the way they talk)
  • Quirk-level Intolerance (Other races are slow, especially elcors) [-1]
Which is a (kinda hefty) 78 points racial template.
And i think that's it :)
Hit me up with suggestions or corrections in the comments, and remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!


GURPS Effect: Ardat-Yakshi

Demons of the Night Wind

Hey everyone, today we’re going to take a look at the Ardat-Yakshi and turn them into a lens for the Asari race (discussed in this post). The Ardat-Yakshi are pureblood Asari (no alien parents) affected by a rare genetic condition that affects their nervous system. While it doesn’t directly impact them, the people they meld with have severe brain hemorrhage (represented mechanically as Heart Attack, as it’s the closest effect) and ultimately die, while the Ardat-Yakshi becomes smarter and stronger. It is viewed as an aberration in the Asari society, and they’re given the choice to either isolate themselves in a specific place (The Ardat-Yakshi Monastery) or be executed. It is done so because this condition addictive and will lead to compulsive behavior.

Hey there hottie, wanna die a horrible death have some fun?
And now, the data:
  •  Asari [43]
  • Secret (Possible Death) [-30]
  • Lecherousness (CR 12) [-15]
The Affliction will be linked with the Meld ability and therefore will have all of its multipliers, along with a few extra ones:
  • Affliction (Malediction +100%; Heart Attack, +300%; No Signature +20%) [43]
Which brings our grand total to 41 points.

And now, some GM advice for dealing with Ardat-Yakshi PC’s: They are said to get stronger and smarter with each kill, so, you should probably award them 1 extra CP if they “successfully” murder someone by melding with them, to prevent exploiting / infinite power, it should also draw attention to them, either by local or Asari authorities.

So, that’s it, have fun with your Space Succubi, and remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!


GURPS Effect: Asari

Biological Templates for Council Races: Part I

So, for the first part of this project, i thought about adapting the biological aspects of every race that has a relevance in the ME Universe, since I'll be making them as racial templates, I didn't worry about the social aspects of the races (for now, I'll work on social templates when i'm done).

Blue Skinned Space Babes

Ah, the Asari, who doesn’t love them? Seriously, even in-universe, everyone does. Since they’re one of my favorite races from the Mass Effect universe I thought about adapting them first, so here it goes:

The Asari are a Citadel Council race that have a really long lifespan, they’re mono-gender and have human-like features. Even though they’re considered “not men, or women” by themselves, they appear female to most other species in the galaxy (including humans) and are said to be f'ing hot attractive to almost everyone, so, I figured that Appearance (Universal) is a must. The codex also says that most Asari live up to 1000 years, so, Enhanced Lifespan is also a must. They also have a natural thing going on for Biotics, so the Biotic Aptitude advantage was added (I will explain Biotics further on another post). The last thing I worried about was the Asari melding (it took me a while to stat it out, but I finally got it).

Space Magic!
Asari [43]
  • Appearance (Beautiful), (Universal, +25%) [15]
  • Extended Lifespan 4 [8]
  • Unusual Background (Biotic Aptitude) [5]
  • Meld [15]: This actually 3 abilities linked together (-10% modifier), all of them have the following modifiers:
 (Contact Agent, -30%; Melee Attack, C, -30%; Only Usable on Willing Targets, -20%; Preparation Required (1 Minute) -20%) Individual modifiers (when applicable) will be listed in individual skills:
  • Telecommunication (Telesend), (Nuisance Effect: Must send thoughts, memories and emotions, -10%) [6]
  • Mind Reading [6]
  • Empathy [3]
Next post will be about the Ardat-Yakshi (a lens for the Asari race). And remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND

Hello, world

Yet another GURPS Blog

After spending a lot of time (definitely more than i should) on the GURPS Discord (All links to what I mention will be at the end of the post), I've finally decided to start blogging about GURPS, since it's the first tabletop RPG I've ever played and i really love it. Inspired and encouraged by guys like Mailanka and Pseudoboo, I've decided to stop only thinking about it, and actually do it! So, there will be at least one weekly post every Wednesday, and more if i can manage to do so.

But what exactly is that blog about?

My first project will be adapting Mass Effect into a GURPS setting, but i might post some side-stuff every now and then. Mass Effect is a game created by BioWare which i REALLY love (i even have a N7 tattoo on my chest) and my goal is to research every single Codex entry in order to stat out individuals, organizations, equipment and give general advice on society and politics, the final "product" will be a ready-to-play setting that you can pick up and, assuming you have played the original games, run a game with it.


The blog is just starting out, which means i have a lot to learn about blogging in general, and fidgeting with technobabble, it'll probably take a while to do so, but I'll get used to it eventually. 

Me, right now

And remember, kids, ALL GLORY TO THE MOTHERLAND!

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